Retruns and Refunds

Ollixo Returns and Refunds

Ollixo offers a free replacement or a refund if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery. Please get in touch with our team using the Contact Us” form and provide a clear photo showing the issue.

you provide the following information:

  1. Photos or videos of the flawed item to prove damage.
  2. If photos cannot prove the deficiency of the products, please upload videos.

Eligible for Returns and Refunds

1. Damaged Product
  1. Ollixo offers a full refund or a replacement if products are badly damaged when they arrived .
  2. Ollixo offers a partial refund or a replacement if products are partially damaged when they arrived (except thread, slightly wrinkled, small scratches etc.).


For damaged products, please send us the pictures of tracking Label, damaged package and damaged products within 7 business days when the packages are delivered. If any of the pictures is missing, we will not accept the refund request.

2. Incorrect or Missing Products
  1. For incorrect products, Ollixo offers a full refund or replacement.
  2. For products with the wrong color, size Ollixo offers a refund or resend if you provide a screenshot


Ollixo will not refund/return if the size/color of the product received is same as the order placed

3. Orders Cancellation

For order cancellation, Ollixo offers a full refund BEFORE orders are confirmed and start processing.

4. Orders Delayed

Order delayed refers to orders that are lacking tracking information and orders in transit, pending, expired for over 40 days counting from the date that order departed from Sup Dropshipping warehouse. However, the following countries and shipping methods may be different:

  1. For orders shipped to the USA, it is after 60 days counting from the date that order departed from our warehouse.
  2. For orders shipped by sea, it will be counted 100 days after departing from Sup Dropshipping warehouse.

Ineligible for Returns and Refunds

1. Deadline of Orders

You cannot open a dispute if the order status is closed, the order close date usually is around 45 days.

Your dispute cannot be resolved when your order is closed and tracking information from a third party is untraceable.

2. Unacceptable Disputes

Ollixo shall not accept any unreasonable disputes, including but not limited to:

a. The buyer does not like it.

b. Products smell unusual.

c. The buyer ordered the wrong items or SKU.

d. The shipping address was incorrect.

e. Tracking information deleted by logistics companies or local post offices.

f. Orders marked as delivered, while consumer claims not receiving. Ollixo may provide contact of local delivery for consumer complaint.


3. Force Majeure

Ollixo takes no responsibility for any product damage or shipping delay caused by the act of God, including but not limited to: epidemic situation, international situation, strike, war, earthquake, flood, virus, storm, heavy snow, customs inspection.

However, we will notify you by Email, Line, WhatsApp, etc.

Contact us

For any questions or concerns regarding Returns and Refunds, you may contact us using the following details:
Fill the contact form
mail us at
[email protected]

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